The Bombay Quilt

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'The Bombay Quilt': Stitching the Colours of Mumbai at Gallery Pradarshak.

A Group Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures, Photography, Printmaking, Textile and Terracotta.

Exhibition Dates: 19th - 31st Jan. 2024 
Venue: Gallery Pradarshak, Khar West, Mumbai 


Briefly about the exhibition: 
‘The Bombay Quilt’ is a metaphorical representation of the age-old art of quilting linked to the constantly evolving city of Bombay (Mumbai). Handstitched together with different pieces of fabric, quilts standout for their unique aesthetic beauty, where every different piece of fabric blends together, layered yet holistic. 

This exhibition invites artists from different parts of India to exhibit their work – paintings, sculptures, photography, printmaking, ceramics - weaving a quilt of finite size of 12" x 12" as a representation of the various aspects (spaces, undeniable dream of starting small and reaching greater heights, and the like) that define the city's trajectory.

The exhibition showcases 36 artists, 8 different genres like painting, sculptures, printmaking, figurative, abstracts, photography, ceramics and landscapes.

‘The Bombay Quilt’ promises to a glimpse into the vividness and diversity that is Mumbai where there is something for every art lover.

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Seating is limited to 10 people only and will be on first-come-first-served basis. 
Interested in attending? DM Shruti on 9920386641 so that we can reserve a seat for you.

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