Art Program Service

Fine art within budgets for individual’s specific requirement

Gallery Pradarshak has developed a highly personalised service called The Art Program Service. The Art Program Service is a professionally curated collection of works of art, catering to an individual’s specific requirement that reflects individual style, taste, values; and is within allocated budgets.

APS includes
o  Fine Art Sourcing
o  Fine Art Commissioning
o  Fine Art Gifting

Artist Specialisations include
o  Paintings
o  Sculptures
o  Murals
o  Frescos
o  Trompe l’œils

Pricing: starts from as low as a couple of hundred Indian rupees.

Our patrons indicate that this service has proved very helpful, unique and offers a significant advantage over any conventional Art Sourcing method. The APS is already being used by leading architects, interior designers, property developers, homeowners and corporates.

For those of you who have already utilised this service in the past, we wish to inform you that our collection is periodically updated, so please feel free to revert to us anytime; and for those of you who may be new to this service and would like to assess the effectiveness of The Art Program Service for your on-going projects, contact us to arrange a no-obligation experience.

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