25th Vidyarthi Vishesh 2023

Journey of the Artist

Gallery Pradarshak's Annual Student Exhibition - Vidyarthi Vishesh celebrates 25 years!

In fact, the exhibition opens Online on www.gallerypradarshak.com on 9th June 2023, the gallery's 29th Anniversary, setting a two-fold milestone. Aptly, the exhibition is titled "Journey of the Artist" - a self explanatory aphorism that speaks eloquently about the artist, the art, and Pradarshak, its presenter.

A resounding success, Vidyarthi Vishesh has been instrumental in shaping the future of many young upcoming artists, who have grown in both, calbre and stature. Almost every year has seen a participation of about 70-80 artists from 15 cities across India, the majority being from the interiors of Maharashtra.

Featuring young student artists right from their formative years to their Masters in Fine/Visual Arts, the exhibition is dedicated to the exercise of initiating students into the real-world of selection and exhibition of their works of art.

They get initiated into the art of presentation and pricing, seeing and learning from their peers, assimilating the cultural nuances of different cities and different teaching methods as various college students come together in an environment that nurtures without discrimination or prejudice. The exhibition has proved to bridge the large gap between theory and practice.

Conducted in phases that are subject-driven, Vidyarthi Vishesh is generally on for the duration of two months.

This year, marking digital progress, and advantaging the gallery's global patrons, Vidyarthi Vishesh celebrates its 25th Year with a completely Online Exhibition.

Dates: 9th June 2023 - 9th July 2023

Venue: https://www.gallerypradarshak.com/2023/05/25th-vidyarthi-vishesh-2023.html




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