25th Vidyarthi Vishesh 2023

All works of art are original as certified by the artist. All works of art will be shipped rolled/flat-packed. Packaging and shipping will be charged extra.

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Journey of an Artist

Gallery Pradarshak's Annual Student Exhibition - Vidyarthi Vishesh celebrates 25 years!

Spotlighting a dual milestone, 9th June 2023 commemorates the gallery's 29th Anniversary, and 25th Anniversary of the Signature Students’ Special Exhibition, aptly titled "Journey of the Artist" - a self-explanatory aphorism that speaks eloquently about the artist, the art, and Pradarshak, its presenter.

A resounding success, Vidyarthi Vishesh has been instrumental in shaping the future of many young upcoming artists, who have grown in both, calibre and stature.

This year the Online exhibition features 28 student artists from 14 Art Schools across 07 cities, with students from their formative years to their Masters in Fine/Visual Art.

Genres being exhibited: Landscapes| Still Life paintings| Figurative Works | Abstracts| Graphic Prints| & Compositions. Prices range from Rs. 750/- to Rs. 60,000/-only
Sizes range from as small as 5.5” x 3” to 72” x 48”
Mediums range from watercolour, oil and mixed media on paper and canvas to fibre and stone.

As you navigate this exhibition, allow yourself a moment to experience the tapestry of artistic thought, discover the hidden narratives, be guided by the brushstrokes and sculptures to explore some untrodden paths of creativity, and embrace the profound connections forged between artist and observer.

"Journey of an Artist" is more than an exhibition; it is an invitation to embark on a personal odyssey, where art becomes a vessel for self-discovery and a catalyst for transcendence.

The exhibition will be substantiated by a month-long online program that will bring together renowned dignitaries, influencers, academicians, and artists to celebrate and discuss various aspects of art and its influence in different domains.

Stay tuned to our social media channels @gallerypradarshak to stay updated on the details of these events.

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