AUM 3.0 (Affordable + Unique + Memorable)

All works of art are original as certified by the artist. All works of art will be shipped rolled/flat-packed. Packaging and shipping will be charged extra.

Looking for something that is already sold? Feel free to call us for more from the same artist.
Authenticity Certificate on request

About AUM 3.0

AUM is an acronym for the attributes of this Art Gifting Exhibition – Affordable, Unique, and Memorable. Through this exhibition, we invite you to harness that power by gifting original art during the festive season.

Participants: 20+ artists pan India - both young and upcoming, as well as established artists.

Number of paintings: 120+

All works of art are original paintings only as certified by the artist.

Genres range from: Still Life, Semi-Abstract Figurative, Compositions, Abstracts to Landscapes, Citiscapes and Seascapes as well as Drawings and Graphic Prints.

Subjects: Flowers, Birds, Green fields, Valleys, Couples, Decorative, Religious icons etc.

Price range: From 1200/- to 5000/- only.

BArt has a direct emotional connect with its viewer. It inspires, delights, sometimes even surprises. Art also resonates with the changing emotional mindset of the viewer. In spite of being a decorative piece on the wall, it touches the viewer in a different way each time the viewer interacts with it. Such is the power of art!

By purchasing from these young artists, you not only encourage their skillset, but extend a much needed helping hand to support their livelihood. Moreover, in addition to being affordable, unique, and a memorable gift, you may be choosing the work of a promising young artist, who may grow to be famous some day; thus, leaving you as a proud owner of one of his coveted earlier works. Support Artists. Gift Art.

Pradarshak Verified

Pradarshak has been a well known gallery in the Art community for over 28years. While we have built our trust and relationships in the physical world, the digital one is a three-year-old venture.

As an assurance to our patrons, we offer the "Pradarshak Verified" mark to represent that this artist has previously exhibited at Gallery Pradarshak.

Briefly:  Gallery Pradarshak has for 28 years been the art lovers' connect to the promising artists of the morrow. Our sustained efforts at screening and hand-picking quality fine art for your enjoyment also hold a candle to representing and encouraging young artists to excel at their skillset. 

Pradarshak has since its inception been promoting affordable original works of art and has had a very encouraging response from corporate houses as well as individuals.

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