Moto-mania - an Online Dual Exhibition of Semi-abstract paintings

Show unveiling on 21st January 2021 at 10.00am

About Moto-mania:

Two artists: Ajay Dharmadhikari from Sangli – watercolourist, adept at a sensitized rendering, passionate about bicycles; Rohan Khuntale from Pune – mix medium enthusiast, extrovert with a touch of flamboyance, passionate about vintage cars and Harley Davidsons.

Together, they unveil ‘Moto-mania’ – an exhibition for ardent automobile fans!

About the artists:

Ajay Dharmadhikari: “I have always been fascinated by the bicycle,” says Ajay. “It has been my childhood friend.” The subject was so close to his heart that when Ajay started painting, all he could think of was his cycle. Thus, over the years, his drawings and paintings have evolved with his ever-sensitive feelings for the bicycle – a subject that he continues to reinvent with as much enthusiasm as if it were his first painting! Ajay is a recipient of several awards and accolades for his bicycle paintings.

Rohan Khuntale: “As an artist, I do not merely want to capture an image with my brushes, rather I want to capture the underlying beauty in a way that no one has done before,” says Rohan Khuntale as he talks about his penchant for vintage cars, Harley Davidsons, and the Bullet motorcycles. Brisk with his brush, and diligent, rather bold colourful strokes, he painstakingly recreates every single piece with attention to the smallest detail. Using colour-pencil, acrylic paint, and crayons, his paintings come alive as small format mementoes of vibrant and fresh colours emphasizing a unique richness reminiscent of every automobile enthusiast’s passion for the vehicles. “Every piece I create, is an effort to unearth myself,” he concludes.

Both artists sport styles that juxtapose and impact. Simple thoughts defined by a burning passion. A beautiful exhibition, not to be missed.


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