Vidyarthi Vishesh 2018 – The Student Special exhibition in its 23rd consecutive year - Phase I

"Pradarshak presents Phase I – Landscapes, Citiscapes, Seascapes"
Akash Parkande_24" x 33"_Charcoal on Paper

30th July – 8th Aug. 2018: Phase I – Landscapes, Citiscapes, Seascapes

Pradarshak’s much-awaited annual exhibition Vidyarthi Vishesh or the Student Special is designed to serve two major purposes: to initiate the students into the art of presentation and pricing; and to induct a whole new breed of art lovers into purchasing art.

Over the last 22 years of organising this exhibition, we have seen a steady growth in the artists of the morrow as plenty of them go on to accomplish great success – a fact that becomes a bonus for those who have purchased their early works.

"Pradarshak presents Phase I – Landscapes, Citiscapes, Seascapes"
Ravi Nirmal_14.5" x 21"_Watercolour on Paper

This year, Vidyarthi Vishesh has 48 students from 14 colleges of art in 7 Indian cities. As always, it highlights diverse styles, techniques and mediums and is truly affordable!!

Nature is a given inspiration for all artists. Many start with landscapes – the trees and mountains, a hut, a lake, greenery…  Ironically, what seems the simplest to the eye is in fact, quite the challenge as beautiful vistas are captured on paper and canvas. Young students often begin with watercolours, which are a one-stroke affair and do not allow correction. So, to view such mesmerising vistas predominantly captured on-spot are a real treat to the eye.

"Pradarshak presents Phase I – Landscapes, Citiscapes, Seascapes"
Vaishnavi Kothawade_16" x 20"_Acrylic on Canvas

What’s more, the young ones are adept at this medium and learn very early to hone their skill set graduating to oils and acrylics. Streetscapes, rural schemas, intimidating peaks and deep gorges are photo-realistically presented. Many a seascape captures the eye too, rendered with depth and diligence.

Featured are works by students from Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Sangli, Nashik and Kolkata:  Jill Vora, Vaibhav Jagtap, Akash Parkande, Bhakti Nawale, Ravi Nirmal, Aishwarya Pawar, Rahul Zujam, Vaishnavi Kothawade, Rushikesh Sutar, Mangesh Chaskar, Ashutosh Kaspale, and Rushikesh Bhandare,

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Click here to view the online exhibition of landscapes 

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