Sunday, January 1, 2017

On View at Pradarshak: 'Mystical Nature' by Manisha Shinde

Ganesha 12" x 12"_Pen & Ink on Canvas

2nd Jan- 13th Jan. 2017: Pradarshak presents “Mystical Nature” Debut Solo Exhibition by Manisha Shinde
Art is a medium of expressing sentiments that lurk in the innermost recesses of one’s mind. Irrespective of all worldly pressures, it quietly makes its way thru’ to be perceived in light of its maker’s sensitivity to the social fabric.
Ganesha V 12" x 12"_Pen & Ink on Canvas

Manisha Shinde is a young microbiologist, who has treasured the passion for art since childhood, until she finally got down to art school and to discovering the multiple facets of artistic expression.
Ganesha III 21" x 10"_Pen & Ink on Paper

Realizing a natural bent for pointillism, Manisha has gradually honed her skills and is gradually making this her specialty. Inspired by the omnipresent Almighty and his mystical creations, she endeavours to exemplify the myriad facets of God evolving from the various elements of nature.

Padampani Boddhisattva 24" x 36"_Pen & Ink on Canvas

“I love to be in quest of God and nature,” she says. “I love drawing and painting 'Ganesha' and 'Buddha' using the stippling technique. The notion of the 'Bodhisattva', the 'awakened being' transports me to a tranquil place; and using this technique, there is a point at which I am able to enter the stillness within myself to draw out the painting. Instead of using my head to paint, I am using that stillness within my heart. The more I can quiet my mind the more I can settle into that stillness and be present.”

Vitarka Mudra_16" x 12"_Ink & Charcoal on Canvas

A serene showcase of sublimity, do not miss the exhibition.

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