Saturday, April 12, 2014

On View at Pradarshak "Life under the Spotlight" by Rajesh Shah

Rajesh Shah at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Untitled_36" x 36"_Acrylic on Canvas

14th – 26th Apr.’14: Pradarshak presents “Life under the Spotlight” Solo Exhibition by Rajesh Shah.

“Life under the spotlight is every human’s endeavour,” says artist Rajesh Shah. Known to explore various thematic – from Bandwallahs, Carefree Children, Mother & Child, to the eternal emotion of Lovers, in this his 12th solo exhibition, Rajesh explores human aspirations. 

Rajesh Shah at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Already Famous in my Mind_18" x 18"_Acrylic on Canvas

The shine, the glamour, the money, the so-called easy existence that almost every human craves for is depicted through the motif of a horse. The artist feels that those who reach the spotlight do not comprehend the true nature of the existence under one, until they reach there. And, then, there is no U-turn. So, you run and run and run, and you get chased and chased and chased. You only land up ‘Being More Important’.

Rajesh Shah at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Pulled back by the Weight of my Dreams_24" x 36"_Acrylic on Canvas

 “Life under the Spotlight” is the artist’s attempt to understand this pinnacle and the emotion of accomplishing the ultimate. 

Rajesh has been diligently honing his artistic skills over the last nine years. Although he has participated in several group exhibitions and has been applauded for his work with innumerable awards from various institutions and associations, he continues to remain humbly open to improving his repertoire.  

Rajesh Shah at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Chasing Blindly something I cannot Define  Anymore_12" x 12"_Acrylic on Canvas

A vivid and cheerful palette categorizes his paintings, each portraying an arresting visual - striking in its form, composition and colour. All his paintings in this series are in acrylic on canvas and in his inimitable style, where joie de vivre has no escape!

Rajesh Shah at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Rage for the Paparazzi_24" x 24"_Acrylic on Canvas

Rajesh debuted into the professional art scenario with his first solo exhibition at Pradarshak, Mumbai during early 2007.

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