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On view at Pradarshak - Graphics, Drawings etc by Student Artists

Ritesh M. Umate	at  Gallery Pradarshak, Mumbai
Ritesh M. Umate_My Friends_Corex_15" x 16"

12th Aug - 24th Aug.'13: Pradarshak presents the Student Special Exhibition titled “Vidyarthi Vishesh” is in its fourth & final phase at the gallery. Featured are Graphics, Drawings, etc., by various artists.
The process of printmaking, generally on paper, is a schooled activity in art colleges.  Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints with an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting. Except in the case of monotyping, the process is capable of producing multiples of the same piece, which is called a print. Each print produced is not considered a "copy" but rather is considered an "original". This is because typically each print varies to an extent due to variables intrinsic to the printmaking process, and also because the imagery of a print is typically not simply a reproduction of another work but rather is often a unique image designed from the start to be expressed in a particular printmaking technique.

Ritesh M. Umate	at  Gallery Pradarshak, Mumbai
Shweta Poinkar_Beauty_Etching & colograph_13" x 15"

Prints are created by transferring ink from a matrix or through a prepared screen to a sheet of paper or other material. Common types of matrices include: metal plates, usually copper or zinc, or polymer plates for engraving or etching; stone, aluminum, or polymer for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts and wood engravings; and linoleum for linocuts. Screens made of silk or synthetic fabrics are used for the screenprinting process. Other types of matrix substrates and related processes are discussed below.

Multiple impressions printed from the same matrix form an edition. Since the late 19th century, artists have generally signed individual impressions from an edition and often number the impressions to form a limited edition; the matrix is then destroyed so that no more prints can be produced.

Ritesh M. Umate	at  Gallery Pradarshak, Mumbai
Krunal Gujjanwar_untitled Colograph_16" x 18"

At the current exhibition, we have participating students Snehal P. Koli, Bherulal R. Sutar, Ritesh M. Umate, Shweta Poinkar, Ashvani Ubale and more from colleges like Yashwant Kala Mahavidyalaya, Aurangabad; Thane School of Art, Thane; SCDM, Nawargaon and Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Latur among others.

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