On View at Pradarshak - Figurative Paintings by Student Artists

Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase III at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Artist: Bherulal Sutar

29th July - 10th Aug.'13: Pradarshak presents the Student Special Exhibition titled “Vidyarthi Vishesh” is in its third phase of exhibition at the gallery. Featured are figurative paintings by various artists.

Showcasing selected paintings in the semi-abstract genre, the mediums depicted range from watercolour on paper to pen on paper and acrylic on canvas. Acrylic being the most used medium, facilitates the young artists as they play with tonal nuances and application, at times rejoicing in the wash technique whilst at others, layering the work of art in a bold opaque interpretation.

Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase III at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Artist: Shweta Poinkar

The best part of this exhibition is that the work and the perspective is fresh each year around. We tend to see a revitalising of the same subjects (predictably, one can only reinvent) in a manner that reflects the changing cultural ethos of our society. This show features students from around 13 participating colleges in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Latur etc. Prices range from Rs. 1000/- to Rs.15000/-.

Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase III at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Artist: Aditya Puthur

Participants are:  Umesh Bhoi, Prakash Date, Asif Shaikh, Kunal Salvi, Bherulal Sutar, Komal Suryavanshi, Lalit Gawli, Aditya Puthur, Rupali Dube, Jivan Parate, Shweta Poinkar among others.

Dates of Exhibition: 29th July - 10th August 2013
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