Monday, April 22, 2013

On view at Pradarshak - Group Exhibition of Abstract Paintings by 'Friends of Pradarshak'

Abstract Painting by Sadhana Raddi at Pradarshak
Painting by Sadhana Raddi
22nd Apr. – 4th May’13: Pradarshak presents Group Exhibition of “Friends of Pradarshak” Phase II – Abstract Paintings.

Continuing into Phase II of our special exhibition for the “Friends of Pradarshak”, Pradarshak showcases abstract paintings by the following artists:

Abstract Painting by Anjum Motiwala at Pradarshak
Abstract Painting by Anjum Motiwala

Anjum Motiwala: Wielding the palette knife, this young artist uses oils and watercolours to recreate the dynamic rhythm of nature through her abstracts. A self-taught artist, Anjum started off as a fashion designer – perhaps a strong precedence to the sense of colour and lustrous texture that she imparts to her canvases, suffusing them with a lyrical vibrant quality that is high on visual appeal.  

Anuja Paturkar: Showcasing her musings in the non-representational genre, Anuja’s abstract paintings are rendered in a layered application, giving rise to a bespoke artistic vocabulary on canvas as well as paper. “Abstraction, for me, is the result of such a creative process where one’s own heightened sensitivity for composition and colour work in a most personal space - completely non-objective and non-representational,” says the young artist. With colour as the ‘soul’ of her paintings, one sees a hidden narrative that tends to carry a distinctive energy of its own, attracting and engaging the viewer’s attention.
'Plumage Evolution' Abstract painting by Raosaheb Gagare at Pradarshak
'Plumage Evolution' by Raosaheb Gagare

Raosaheb Gagare: An MFA graduate from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, Raosaheb has mastered the art of blending acrylic with enamel paint, creating a rich textural quality in his works. He attempts various themes – universe, figurative abstraction, etc.; his latest series being on ‘plumage evolution’. His work can be categorised as decorative, with its precision-driven blend of colour and texture.

Sadhana Raddi:  Her paintings are driven by colour, composition and finally structure – strictly in that order. A double post graduate in psychology, Indian culture as well as fine art, Sadhana delves into the inner recesses of her being, trying to unearth what really drives a painting – whether hers or any other artist’s. Incidentally, this abstractionist with her partially-representational art is currently pursuing her thesis in ‘thought processes that drive creativity’.

Abstract Painting by Sunita Pawar at Pradarshak
Painting by Sunita Pawar
Sunita Pawar: An upcoming artist playing entirely with a colour palette of sombre hues like umber, black, white and golden yellow and ochre, each painting is a juxtaposition of form and technique using the palette knife in a very distinctive style. Sunita has accomplished her Masters in Fine Art and continues to push her talent with passion and diligence.

Yogesh Patil: Diligent and hardworking, Yogesh predominantly paints in small format. Playing with the line, dot, representational and non-representational forms, his abstracts foray into an unfathomable realm typical of an artist, where thoughts and actions blend to find expression on paper and canvas, flirting with the medium and the psyche. Often monochrome in nature, the abstracts speak volumes without actually conveying anything. His works offer a platform for the evolution of deeper intellectual processes in artistic thinking. 

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