Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vidyarthi Vishesh 2011 - Recap

We have just wrapped up the last phase of the Students Exhibition titled 'Vidyarthi Vishesh', an annual ritual at the gallery. While Pradarshak is synonymous with quality fine art and is a niche-of-sorts for the upcoming artists, it is also a renowned platform that conducts its Student Exhibitions with sincerity and zest. 

Year 2011 has marked the showing of about 45 students from various colleges of art in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and Nagpur. Contrary to earlier such exhibitions, this year the gallery's selection procedure was stringent with the focus on quality, as always. We preferred lesser participation to lesser quality work. 

It is interesting to note the diverse mindsets of these young artists... their inane, at times; and at others, profound analysis of life and its dealings. Captured within the confines of a 10 x10 inch paper, sometimes a 24 x 36 inch canvas, each painting speaks volumes about the fertile visages that these young artists arrest from their roving musings. The work was good but not really excellent, barring a selection that stood out. Techniques are the same but yes, being re-looked-at for better results; and of course, the choice of subject continues to astound us, gallerists, as an elaborate interpretation of music with a stylised figurative at the tablas vies for attention with the outstanding graphic print of a squint-eyed old man – with the focus on his ageing lines and moustache. Or the absolute command on the textural quality of an acrylic on canvas landscape that makes you feel right there amidst the yellow blossoms and lush green carpets of the thick foliage.
A show that was received very well too. For those who have missed it and are still interested, feel free to visit the online albums for

·         Landscapes, seascapes etc
·          semi-abstract paintings
·          graphics and still-life paintings

 and write to us with your preferences at If it is still available, it can be yours.

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