Friday, August 12, 2011

Nature at its best...

What better way can there be to celebrate the monsoon season than with an art show that takes you through seasonal changes from canvas to canvas, filling you with the joy of blossoms in one, while you marvel at the wind-swept fields in another. Landscapes, seascapes, citiscapes, streetscapes, interiorscapes... by young impressionable minds hold you captive at Gallery Pradarshak from 16th Aug. to 27th Aug.2011. 

Often when one looks at a beautifully executed perspective, one wonders how the artist accomplished it at such close quarters to his medium. Barely a foot away from his mounted paper or easel, the artist creates such ethereal beauty with watercolour washes, layered acrylic strokes, mountains, hilly terrain, deep blue seas and even deeper skies, shimmering sunlight on rippling waters, one can go on... Then there is the strategic touch where the artist – with the strength of his visualisation – creates the touch of white with the sheer manoeuvring of his brush on paper so that the white of the paper fills in for the requisite white in the painting.

Sepia tones, monochromatic paintings, vibrant colourful art, miniature format works... Narrow streets lined with tall buildings, rural scenarios, architectural musings, lush foliage, still waters, gushing waterfalls.... and lots more.

The show opens at gallery Pradarshak on 16th August at 11a.m. On till 27th Aug.2011 7 p.m.