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“Reflections & Projections” 

Dates of Exhibition: 24th May - 6th June 2024
Venue:  Gallery Pradarshak, 100 Kalpana Bldg, Plot No. 338, 12th road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052 
Timings: 11 am – 7 pm (except Sundays & Public Holidays) 

About the Exhibition:  

Building on its legacy of introducing debutante artists into the mainstream art scenario and nurturing quality talent for three decades, the anniversary exhibition is aptly titled, “Reflections & Projections” - 30 years on the vanguard, a self-explanatory theme that speaks of the little gallery’s continuous, progressive stance. "Reflections & Projections” is a meticulously curated group show that celebrates the diverse voices that have and will continue to shape the gallery's journey. Visitors can expect to encounter works by: 

  • Trailblazers: As the name conveys constitutes the artists who began with Pradarshak and have made a mark in the field, some even reaching the auction scenarios. Pioneering artists like Sanjay Raut, Mahesh Karambele, Milburn Cherian, Umesh Patil, and Jagannath Paul who set the stage for the contemporary art scene. 
  • Exemplary Flair: Acclaimed artists like Srinivas Mhetre and Swapnil Godase recognised for their mastery of technique and unique aesthetic vision. 
  • Emerging Talents: Artists like Pritam Chivate, Neha Dewangan, and Pratik Risbud denote the next generation of artistic voices, showcasing their distinctive perspectives. 
  • Prefacing Design: Designers like Ankon Mitra, Ar. Nitin Jain, Ar. Ketan Jawdekar, and Priyanka Narula, who blur the lines between art and design, pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Above all, the highlight of the exhibition is a hitherto unseen sketch by none other than India’s premier architect – Ar. Hafeez Contractor.

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