On view at Pradarshak: “Glimpses” Photography Exhibition by Rohan Sonar

"Rohan Sonar at gallery Pradarshak Mumbai"
Niveous_24" x 30"_print on canvas

23rd Oct. – 3rd Nov.2017: Pradarshak presents “Glimpses” Solo Photography Exhibition by Rohan Sonar. 

Budding photographer, Indologist, art enthusiast, Rohan Sonar finds a mix of all his interests when he looks through the lens. His sensitivity towards the ‘unseen’ in routine and in the macro world helps him realise the value of opportunity, timing and position, when he decides to capture a moment for posterity.

"Rohan Sonar at gallery Pradarshak Mumbai"
Midget_12" x 12"_print on canvas

‘Glimpses’, his photographic journey spans a wide genre of compositions - of people, nature, still objects, heritage monuments, the little pleasures of life… as he strives to capture that elusive, fleeting moment that makes a scenario magical, making a wonderful memory out of a passing moment.
"Rohan Sonar at gallery Pradarshak Mumbai"
Empyrean_24" x 30"_print on canvas

Working with light and its mystical influence, Rohan is a patient artist, who waits at length to get the right light… the right moment of capture!

In this, his third solo exhibition, Rohan shares some gems from his photographical journey, conveying silently and soulfully, the cherished moments he has spent with each of his captures. That the layman gets to share a glimpse of the sublime through the photographer’s eyes, is what underlines each of his photographs.
"Rohan Sonar at gallery Pradarshak Mumbai"
Grandiose II_30" x 24"_print on canvas
"Rohan Sonar at gallery Pradarshak Mumbai"
Plummet I_12" x 18"_print on canvas

Rohan Sonar uses the canvas medium to display his creativity, offering a limited edition on most of his prints, in various sizes.

The young photographer and sensitive artist shows a lot of promise. We wish him all the best!


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