On view at Pradarshak - Debut Solo Exhibition by Gopal Shinde

14th - 26th Nov'2011: Pradarshak presents the debut solo exhibition of realistic paintings in acrylic on canvas by Gopal Shinde. 

Gopal is a young artist from Mumbai, who aspires to showcase intense paintings based on personal rhetoric. “The primary concern of my paintings is to reflect contemporary life and times,” he says. Thus, his art contains a healthy measure of ‘Timelessness’, which is a soul of the visual. 
It moves to peace and stillness and simultaneously helps the mind traverse along a journey of inner experiences. “I can watch my thoughts, and then I’m not the thought; I’m the onlooker and I can watch even the onlooker. That is the moment beyond which one cannot go… and enlightenment comes.”
While the process of creativity calls for an exploration of the subconscious mind, it dives within and emerges with fascinating images of life with its realities and mysteries. Gopal Shinde’s paintings are concerned not merely with circumstantial references or inner vagaries, but with a natural and spontaneous introspection - impressions of beauty, emotions, mystics and reality, which constantly vie for attention in the artist’s mindscape and emerge as form and color on the surface of his canvas.
To view the exhibition online, click on the adjacent slideshow.


  1. Impressive work Pradarshak !
    Posted by Tauseef on linkedin Group: Fine Artists.


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