Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On view at Pradarshak: 'Reflection' paintings by Mahesh Karambele

"pradarshak presents paintings by mahesh karambele"
Heritage at night_Oil on canvas_30" x 40"

12th – 23rd Feb. 2018: Pradarshak presents ‘Reflection: Capturing the soul of a city’ - Oil and acrylic paintings by Mahesh Karambele. 
The colour blue and its varying hues find place in Mahesh Karambele’s paintings that narrate the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolis like Mumbai. Adept at painting cityscapes that depict the splendour of vertical growth intertwined with the city’s humungous human interface, the artist pays homage to his home town by drawing out the beauty in the mundane. 

"pradarshak presents paintings by mahesh karambele"
Morning in Delhi_Acrylic on Canvas_16" dia

“The ways and subways of life,” says Mahesh Karambele have not only led him to be a passionate artist but have literally constituted the ethos of his musings on canvas. The strength of his brush dipped in oil paint confidently etches out silhouettes of vehicular traffic, bridges, carts, flower sellers, the iconic dabbawalas of Mumbai, capturing the ethos of the city that never sleeps. 

With buildings flirting with by lanes and pedestrian traffic, painting vivid scenes of ordinary folk and everyday humdrum of city living, the artist unveils his collection aptly and simply christened ‘Reflection’. The Mumbai monsoon holds a special place as the artist creates washes and adeptly applies the oil medium with the expertise of the watercolour technique. The romanticism and inspiration that accompanies the rains is well depicted. 

"pradarshak presents paintings by mahesh karambele"
Rush Hours_Oil on Canvas_18"x 18"

The rush that characterises Mahesh’s canvases can be alluded to the adrenaline rush that the artist tends to work with, driven by the hidden joys in everyday chaos, crammed by lanes with Mumbai’s crowds and the perennial metropolitan pace of living. His paintings draw out the best of the perspectives as the colours shine bright against the evening light – the luminosity combined with the transparency of the weather – culls a beautiful cityscape that one can lose oneself into... indefinitely!

Adept at all mediums, Mahesh enjoys playing with chiaroscuro as much as he dabbles with everyday subjects, symbolically trying to portray the simple truth that there is joy in every little thing! 

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