Wednesday, September 6, 2017

On view at Pradarshak: Abstract Paintings by Jayesh S. Borse

State of Mind-1_Acrylic on Canvas_18" x 18"

4th – 15th Sept. 2017: Pradarshak presents “A state of mind” Debut solo exhibition by Jayesh S Borse
Thoughts are a power house of action/ inaction.  They stem from seemingly calm shores to sometimes end in a vortex. Young upcoming artist Jayesh Borse uses this strong state of mind as his inspiration and muse for his debut solo exhibition. 

He celebrates them with a flourish. Bold colours, textured thick application, use of roller and knife, and bold brush strokes create an energy that is bespoke. Layered in, the hues seem to hold a narrative of their own, involving the viewer and taking him deeper into their world. 
Contrast Mind-1_Acrylic on Canvas_18" x 18"

The play of chiaroscuro is prominent; as is a division in the canvases that is seen - at times clearly demarcating the canvas; at others, merging – metaphorically, giving voice to his thoughts.
Struggling thoughts_Acrylic on Canvas_36" x 36"

The viewer tends to get mesmerised, at times drawing parallel with his own thought patterns; at others, seeking, in the play that the artist has created.

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