Monday, June 12, 2017

On view at Pradarshak Semi-abstract Figurative Paintings by Vinay Bagde

"paintings by Vinay Bagde at Pradarshak"
15" x 15"_Acrylic on Canvas

12th - 23rd June 2017: Pradarshak presents semi-abstract figurative paintings by Vinay Bagde.

The overriding culture of the Lamani tribe stands out among the nuances of district Latur in Maharashtra. Artists hailing from here, sometimes gain their inspiration from the elaborate jewellery, the striking attire, even the gender role-reversal of these tall strapping men and doe-eyed, dusky women. 

With women folk being the breadwinners and clearly in command, tribal narratives take on a new meaning in an otherwise patriarchal society. Influenced by this quaint aspect of his hometown, Latur, artist Vinay Bagde has time and again explored the Lamani lifestyle, each time evolving a series on a different Lamani thematic. 

"paintings by Vinay Bagde at Pradarshak"
15" dia_Acrylic on Canvas

In this, his third solo outing, Vinay picks on their intimate ritual of worship, culminating his series with a lot more than a mere ritualistic muse. 

His musings traverse serene moments of prayer, offerings, togetherness, spirituality... and he captures them on canvas for posterity. 

"paintings by Vinay Bagde at Pradarshak"
20" x 16" dia_Acrylic on Canvas

He ventures beyond the regular rectangular canvas to celebrate the momentous deliberations on oval and round canvases - an experiment that he could have continued with aplomb rather than limit to just 4 among a series of 10 paintings.

Colours that move away from being stark, anoint the canvases as they emerge victoriously simple and delightful - not in-the-face and neither bogged by other issues. 'Worship' does just that - breathe in calm in a universal language of peace. 

A good exhibition that is seen to be experienced.

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