Monday, April 17, 2017

On view at Pradarshak “Avyakt... Unexpressed” Debut Solo Exhibition by Abhishek Joshi

Debut Solo Exhibition by Abhishek Joshi at Pradarshak
Essence_Acrylic on Canvas_22" x 22"

17th - 28th Apr. 2017: Pradarshak presents “Avyakt...Unexpressed” Debut Solo Exhibition by Abhishek Joshi.
An unexplained search finds a common denominator in almost everyone – happy, successful, pining, sad, troubled, penitent… sometimes, even the contented. The mind and brain that are always in a state of growth, acknowledge the power of the divine - that elusive something that perpetuates situations, that is responsible for happenings… The artist, Abhishek Joshi, attempts to interpret this constant spiritual quest in the form of drawings and paintings.
Debut Solo Exhibition by Abhishek Joshi at Pradarshak
Datta_Pastel on Paper_14.5" x 10.5"

Taking a cue from Hindu culture – depicted via caves, temples, shrines, miniature paintings and mythology, and zeroing in on the energies that these narratives build, that folklore emanates, Abhishek seeks to put his finger on the relationship of the various symbols, shapes and most importantly, the energies that manifest.
Debut Solo Exhibition by Abhishek Joshi at Pradarshak
In the deep_Charcoal on Paper_20" x 14"

Characters take birth; symbols find their way into the depiction, thoughts soar. The artist says, “We are kings of our emotional states; therefore the crown. Yet, we are slaves of our desires that seek the unknown.” The triangle is another important part of Abhishek’s musings, denoting the ever-evolving Pyramid of Knowledge.
Debut Solo Exhibition by Abhishek Joshi at Pradarshak
Existence I_Pastel on Paper_30" x 24"

Most comfortable with the monochromatic medium of expression, the artist strives to decode the invisible, unexpressed and imaginary world that exists beyond our factual surrounds.  

With the promise of the morrow, Abhishek Joshi shows a spark that time will hone. 


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