Monday, March 27, 2017

On view at Pradarshak “Moonlight” Debut Solo Exhibition by Sagar Hajare

Moody Moon I_ Acrylic on Canvas_20" x 20"

27thMar. - 7th Apr. 2017: Pradarshak presents “Moonlight” Debut Solo Exhibition by Sagar Hajare

Having interacted closely with the villagers from his hometown in Kolhapur, debutante Sagar Hajare naturally depicts their innate struggle in his paintings. Reflecting on the lifestyle of the menial labourer, whose only respite from a life of toil is perhaps, a few hours of deep slumber under the moonlit sky, the artist builds his narrative against the backdrop of this scenario.

Cool colours highlight the sombre visage of the labourer, almost always depicted with a flower in his hand; the canvas backdrop strewn with flowers – symbolic of the dreams and hopes that lurk underneath and that are perhaps, the sole drivers of a life so mundane and unchanging. 
Shade & Light I_ Acrylic on Canvas_20" x 20"

The moon with its changing countenance is metaphoric of the cyclic lives – the ups and downs – that they tirelessly combat, day after day...

Sagar’s works depict sensitivity without touching on the pathos; even though his thought evolves from the latter. The use of a bottle in a canvas or two acknowledges the real battles of this class of society. The highlight of the paintings is the eyes. They are open, generally either blank or troubled. This small but significant detail transports the viewer into the lives of these daily-wage workers; empathizing, not sympathising. This retains the storytelling in a matter-of-fact manner, allowing the viewer to enjoy the works of art.
Night Rider_ Acrylic on Canvas_36" x 36"

Shiva I_ Pastels on Paper_30" x 24"

As a newcomer on the art scene, Sagar holds the promise of delving deeper into societal issues to emerge with another triumphant series, connecting the social divide without actually falling prey to any sort of psychological mechanisations. 

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