Tuesday, March 14, 2017

On view at Pradarshak “Mind & Dreams” Debut Solo Exhibition by Aditya Suhas Pandit

"Aditya Suhas Pandit at Gallery Pradarshak, Mumbai"
Mind Controller Pastel on Paper 24” x 26”

14thMar. - 24th Mar. 2017: Pradarshak presents “Mind & Dreams” Debut Solo Exhibition by Aditya Suhas Pandit

A hybrid creature – half-human and half-animal – constitutes the study material for upcoming artist, Aditya Pandit’s doctorate thesis. Intrigued by ancient texts that refer the hybrid creature in several distinct mythologies – Hindu, Chinese, Greek, Philippine, Native American…, sometimes guiding, at others, constituting an instrumental connect, the artist delves into the subject as each new form, new symbolism unravels a new meaning, a new significance.
"Aditya Suhas Pandit at Gallery Pradarshak, Mumbai"
Ravan - Cactus Pencil on Paper 14” x 16”

The artist uses the study as the backbone of his muse, where he tries to fathom a connection with his talent of painting. This ‘connectedness’ of the hybrid, instils in him a strong bent to explore that the human is integrally connected to an element – from the five elements that constitute the atmosphere.

His quest deepens as he begins visualizing these surreal creatures, treating them in different mediums – pencil on paper, pastel on paper, acrylic on canvas board, even on canvas; as if by concretizing them on paper, he aspires to touch something deeper within that will unravel the mysteries of nature’s ambiguity.

"Aditya Suhas Pandit at Gallery Pradarshak, Mumbai"
Traveller  Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 30”

Duality, ambiguity, and the perplexing vortex of contemplation is innate to one’s mind – partially known to manifest as dreams. Aditya makes a preliminary effort at brining this to the fore.  

The artist is young, impressionable and shows the potential to walk the tight rope of cutting-edge art drawing from a culturally enriching background. 

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