Monday, August 22, 2016

On view at Pradarshak - Abstracts, Experimental Works & Graphic Prints by Student Artists

Ex 11_Suresh Jangid_Acrylic on Canvas_13" x 17"

22nd Aug. – 3rd Sept.’16: Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase IV – Abstracts, Experimental Works & Graphic Prints 

Abstraction is a state of mind, a visual field that the artist identifies with after his personal tussle with varied representations, colours, lines, forms, motifs, symbols... His influences come from multiple quarters and converge into his art form, which essentially balances out spatial, formal and technical concerns.
Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase IV – Abstracts
Ex 7_Kiran Gunjkar_Acrylic on Paper_22" x 30"

There is no beginning. There is no end. It is a continuum. Often the artist finishes it in a few strokes; at others, he gazes, interacting with his canvas for days together; ultimately it is a vision of his innermost self.
141F_Sujay Tulaskar_Acrylic on Paper_18" x 18"

Geometric forms seep into the composition. Layers make their presence felt. Colours drift and flirt and coalesce seeking and finding a narrative. Abstraction becomes a composition - a tale – seemingly different to different viewers! Some enjoy the mysteries of such canvases; whilst others identify with what they perceive within and feel connected.
Graphic Prints
255_Sachin Manchare_Seed_Etching_24" x 14"

Featured are works by students from Mumbai, Thane, Panvel, Nashik and Aurangabad -  Sujay Tulaskar, Ashutosh Shirke, Rideema Raje, Gayatri Tiwari, Sagar Kamble, Suresh Jangid, Nakul Dhangade, Sachin Manchare, Kiran Gunjkar & Ritesh Bhoi.

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