Saturday, May 7, 2016

On view at Pradarshak: Debut Solo Exhibition by Dhiraj Patil

Dhiraj Patil at Pradarshak
Blossom 1_24" x 24"_Acrylic on Canvas

9th – 21st May 2016: Pradarshak presents Debut Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Dhiraj Patil
Debutant artist Dhiraj Patil is a quick learner and a diligent observer. These qualities make him imbibe and assimilate at a fast pace and combined with a quick wit, equip him to play with his tools to create diverse paintings – on the subject of emotional growth.
Dhiraj Patil at Pradarshak
Maya_12" x 12"_Acrylic on Canvas

The artist picks childhood and early adulthood (teenage years) as the most impressionable ages, when dreams have wings and emotional growth is at a peak. His subjects play around various situational ethos and although his figures are recognizable thru’ his distinctive stylistic forms, the treatment to each canvas is commendably distinct.
Dhiraj Patil at Pradarshak
Waiting _40" x 30"_Acrylic on Canvas

There is an innate joy in his palette; the colours fresh, youthful and as exuberant as the subjects. Yellow Ochre, Sap Green and Raw Umber are his staples and every canvas is first anointed with these hues before layering, subtracting and adding facilitates the backdrop to emerge and the painting to take its intended course.

He sketches a lot to arrive at the visual of his choice, says Dhiraj. While these sketches are in charcoal, the final canvas is always in acrylic – his most preferred medium.
Dhiraj Patil at Pradarshak
Blossom 3_24" x 36"_Acrylic on Canvas

The young enthusiast plays with colour and technique to usher in gouache and stippling effects, always yearning for a new experience, a new vista as he correlates his subjects with changes in nature.

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