Monday, March 14, 2016

On View at Pradarshak: Figurative Paintings by Priya Borse

Paintings by Priya Borse at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Shrungar_Acrylic on Canvas_21" x 17"

14th - 26th Mar.’16: Pradarshak presents Debut Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Priya Borse

Sometimes an artist can best express herself through her art. Priya Borse is one such. Debuting into the professional scenario with her solo exhibition, Priya gives the art lover aesthetically fulfilling paintings to feast their eyes on.
Paintings by Priya Borse at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Face 3_Acrylic on Canvas_15" x 15"

Her canvases are anointed with a serenity that arises from deep contentment – ably depicted through the protagonist’s eyes.  There is calm on the visage and the silhouettes seem comfortable, confident, content.
Paintings by Priya Borse at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Fragrance_Acrylic on Canvas_17" x 21"

In this scenario, the backdrops come alive with a textural play that veers from the tried-and-tested to the experimental; either ways showing a confidence in the brushstrokes. Her palette is unlimited: moving from primary colours to their transcendental hues to colour mixes as subtle layering and fusion.
Paintings by Priya Borse at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Untitled_Acrylic on Canvas_21" x 17"

The artist draws from nature and everyday elements of living; the bright and bold colours of nature reflecting her moods. White light stands in for positive thoughts and almost every canvas is wrought with the artist’s preoccupation with her muse. This makes the paintings more engaging for the viewer, who looks for and finds a life-like connect, quite in tune with his/her immediate mood. 

It’s a wait and watch now, to see how Priya reinvents herself. 

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