Saturday, February 27, 2016

On View at Pradarshak:"Avataars" Paintings on Indian Mythology by Deeksha Roy

Hanuman painting by Deeksha Roy at Pradarshak

29th Feb. – 12th Mar.’16: Pradarshak presents “Avataars” - Solo Exhibition of Paintings on Indian Mythology by Deeksha Roy.

Deeksha is a young upcoming artist, who has discovered her true calling after dabbling in various creative disciplines – accessory design, jewellery design etc. Her muse is her very fertile imagination, when she perceives what the Gods would appear like in everyday human situations.
krishna painting by Deeksha Roy at Pradarshak
Krishna in Moonlight_20" x 20"_Acrylic on Canvas

Her thoughts are then captured on to canvas with acrylic paints; her colour palette – a lot of vermillion – which is significant in all works; ochre , blue etc., bring the Gods alive, emoting with human characteristic reactions in multifarious everyday situations, the emotions expressed primarily via large expressive eyes and a lucid body language. The imagery is discerningly kept simple to bring focus on the subject.
Hanuman painting by Deeksha Roy at Pradarshak
All Smiles_40" x 20"_Acrylic on Canvas

“The effort is directed to bring freshness in the way Gods are make them appear more approachable, and to experience how they would have led their lives on earth as human forms,” explains Deeksha.

Going deeper into what has influenced Deeksha over the years and has surfaced in her works… “The first thing which comes to my mind is the Chola age bronze sculptures,” she informs. “They exude grace, perfection, eloquence and a sense of rhythm. Their perfect mudras, postures and alertness always amazed me and have had a profound effect on my imagination of Gods, as they manifest as human beings.”
shiva and ganesha painting by Deeksha Roy at Pradarshak
Shiva & Ganesha at Leisure_24" x 36"_Acrylic on Canvas

Deeksha is also greatly impacted by Indian classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Kathakali, where the dancers express and emote with their eyes for the most part. This characteristic is very prominent in her works, where the eyes become the primary and most important mode of expression.

Her paintings of Hanuman are particularly striking; with Hanuman portrayed in action, in vigour and in emotive forms. The paintings bring out the multifarious personalities of the God and try to reach the various layers behind the divinity of Hanuman, to seek and bring out those qualities, which make him the magnetic God that he is.
laxmi painting by Deeksha Roy at Pradarshak
Laxmi with Owl_24" x 24"_Acrylic on Canvas

The imagery, which ultimately unfolds is thus unconventional and contrasts the divine form of Gods that we see all around us. “I derive satisfaction when this imagery surprises me …and I believe that any truly original work of art should have the quality to surprise make us sit up and notice. As I continue with this self-discovery, I hope that I continue to surprise myself and others!” she concludes.

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