Monday, January 4, 2016

On View at Pradarshak: Blossoms - Watercolour Paintings by Anand Bekwad

Red Poppies_14" x 21"_Watercolour on Paper

4th Jan – 16th Jan.2016: Pradarshak presents “Blossoms” by Anand Bekwad

Nature is most benevolent to the artistic eye. Pune-based artist Anand Bekwad has been drawn to the exquisite beauty of nature and chooses to share this wonderfully changing, ethereal beauty by painting flowers.
Thunbergia_14" x 21"_Watercolour on Paper

Almost instantaneously bringing joy, flowers are symbolic of auspicious omens, cheer and goodness. The artist spreads this cheer through his vivid watercolours on paper and canvas. The visual frames that Anand creates are not static; they expand and contract based on his moods and sensibility.  Moreover, the paintings depict evening light – soft, pliant, and dreamy.
Orchid_36" x 36"_Watercolour on Canvas

Anand plays with the right timing to capture the essence of the moment, often taking pictures and then interpreting the real thing in his stylized format. With due diligence to the kind and amount of light, water-washed blooms come alive on his paper, regaling the viewer with their natural beauty.
Flame of the forest_14" x 21"_Watercolour on Paper

His brush veers from capturing details in one to getting busy on the foliage in another; his preferences swiftly changing from the exquisiteness of Red Poppy and Flame of the Forest variety to the simplicity of plumeria… each painting resplendent with the blooms in the foreground.
Hibiscus_10.5" x 10.5"_Watercolour on Paper

An art show that marks a blossoming beginning to the New Year!

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