On View at Pradarshak: Acrylics and Oils on Canvas by Ankur Bhatt

Window 108_Oil on Canvas_18" x 18"

14th Dec. – 22nd Dec.’15:  Pradarshak presents Acrylic & Oil Paintings by Ankur Bhatt 

An artist is oft attracted to and enticed by a subject/object that then becomes the muse for his next expression; which also often takes the form of several works, where the artist strives to give vent to his feelings, thoughts... Ankur Bhatt, too, is an artist, who works on one series after another – his current muse being the “wada”.

Door 306_Acrylic on Canvas_20" x 20"

Wada” is a term that defines the traditional residential system especially in Nashik and Pune cities, Maharashtra. The artist tries to reinvent the old houses or wadas via a modern stylistic expression that is more acceptable to contemporary audiences in a bid to preserve this cultural overture and leave an imprint of the same.

Window 305_Mix Medium on Canvas_24" x 12"

Adept at all mediums and having dabbled in a variety of subjects, Ankur’s ‘wada’ series depicts doors that have a distinct aura about them. Each painting comes across as if engulfed in a shroud, with traditional motifs peeping through, clearly reminiscent of old times. The application in oil on canvas is layered and shows a characteristic transparency. The ones in acrylic on canvas show a wash treatment in some, while in others, a play of chiaroscuro elements are the highlight.

Door 304_Oil on Canvas_30" x 48"

The exhibition is a must-see as the paintings take the viewer from one scenario to the next, the vivid colour palette transporting one to an entirely different era.


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