Monday, June 1, 2015

On View at Pradarshak: "Celebration of Life" Group Exhibition of Figurative Paintings

Acrylic on Canvas_18" x 18"

1st - 13th June’15: Pradarshak presents “Celebration of Life” Group Exhibition of Figurative Paintings by several artists. 

Works of art by artists – Eknath Giram, Shakeel Momin, Manchak Kale, Shantkumar Hattarki, Rambhau Dongare and Mamta Mondkar  - speak eloquently of a passionate joy in ‘being’. The paintings in their vivid renditions depict a peace-able serenity on the visages of the figures, as if each one is content in their existence.

Watercolour on Archival Paper_28" x 20"

The artists are each adept at their distinct medium and portray a distinctive style. 
Watercolour is a challenging medium and when you see a free flowing blend of a melange of colours – sky blue, sea green, sunny yellow, melony orange... that fuse to create a vibrant scenario as potent as the symphony being portrayed, you’re lost in the work of art and the simple thematic that the artist Shakeel Momin weaves for you.  

Inspired by nature in his rural surrounds, Manchak Kale veers towards choosing the ‘woman’ and her relationships as his muse. So we see a vibrant series of acrylic on canvas, which have the woman in her varying moods – playful, coy, and introspective and the like. In tandem with the moods of his muse, his colours too fill the canvas with a joie de vivre that is contagious and interacts with the viewer in a simple exchange.

Acrylic on Canvas_21" x 23"

Mamata Mondkar dabbles in a very common, everyday subject - the predicament of the Indian woman as she bids to her calling. Characterized by intricate pattern, her women are clad in simple but intricately patterned garments that lend to the overall decorative appeal of the paintings. Because of the added implications in the way faces can signify feelings, the range of emotions depicted is broader, the ambiguities more enticing, and the questions to be asked more probing. 

Eknath Giram - A young artist, who has slowly carved a niche for his figurative style in mainstream art. His distinctive style is expressionist semi-abstract figurative, oft likened to Italian painter Modigliani.

Shantkumar Hattarki - Born in the village of Tambakwadi in Gulbarga, Karnataka, his art is strongly influenced by the rural setting that he grew up in. His acrylics on canvas are figurative paintings that usually depict vivacious scenes of merriment.

Forex & Wood_14" x 12"

Rambhau Dongare - “Planning is key in print-making,” says the print-maker, where the inherent beauty of a print, emerges as the print-maker takes a call with each step, as to its colour scheme and works in harmony with each impression made of the work of art to bring it to a legitimate and aesthetically resplendent finish. He is particularly adept with creating textures.

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