Saturday, May 16, 2015

On View at Pradarshak: "Silent Poetry" Spiritually-inspired Paintings by Sneha Mandhania

koi fish and lotus painting by sneha mandhania
Lucky 9_ 24" x 30"

18th – 30th May.’15: Pradarshak presents “Silent Poetry” Solo Exhibition of Spiritually-inspired Paintings by Sneha Mandhania. 

Attuning themselves to a thematic representation of a subject is a natural with artists. Various things, topics, emotions trigger a response deep in the artist, which gets appeased only when brush is put to canvas in a personal venting of emotions; which in turn becomes the fine art that you and I admire and praise.
koi fish and lotus painting by sneha mandhania
Unity_18" x 18"

Mumbai artist Sneha Mandhania has also been preoccupied with various series - ‘Essence of a Woman’, ‘Carnival’, ‘Solitude’, ‘Vaastu’ , abstracts paintings… her latest being the current, ‘Silent Poetry’ that draws inspiration from the Feng Shui revered charm – the Koi Fish! She also complements them with the highly symbolic Lotus.

Working in a layered process, where a rich texture highlights each painting, Sneha plays on impasto, wet-on-wet and dripping techniques to add depth to her canvases. A three-dimensional and colourful rendering of the Koi Fish outlined in charcoal further defines the painting and enhances visual appeal.

painting by sneha mandhania
3Koi Fish with Lotus_36" x 18"

The artist attempts to forge a deep bond between the viewer and her paintings, infusing them with a studied approach; a passionate rendition of her very being.

The paintings can be used for Feng Shui purposes and are affordably priced; a very pleasant viewing that generates very positive vibes.

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