Sunday, February 15, 2015

On View at Pradarshak "Way to Serenity" Mix Medium on Canvas Paintings by Somnath Patil

Golden_Benaras_1_Acrylic on Canvas_24" x 30"

16th – 28th Feb.’15: Pradarshak presents “Way to Serenity” charcoal, acrylic and mixed medium on canvas paintings by Somnath Bothe. 

Subdued and quiet by nature, paintings are Somnath’s communiqué with the outside world. Representing various geographies and cultures, the artist passionately cherishes moments of humanity, love and affection, historical monuments, ancient architecture and the like.  

Monsoon_Ride_1_Charcoal & Acrylic on Canvas_12" x 18"

Deeply influenced by the changing times, where his artistic soul searches for the wisdom and beauty of yore, Somnath tends to capture both village and city life, making them and folk human figures as the central characters of his works of art.
Monsoon_in_Pune_Acrylic on Canvas_30" x 18"

“A deep rooted respect for ‘nature’ and ‘humility’ is the inspiration for my paintings,” he informs. “City life and village life create new sensibilities and understanding… the blend of these different environments and cultures indirectly flow in my painting… colourful, vibrant, and nostalgic at times, and sheer conversational pieces.”
Monsoon_Ride_4_Charcoal on Canvas_12" x 12"

The rainy season finds pride of place in almost all his paintings – be they in charcoal, acrylic, oil or mixed medium. “Rain makes me happy; it puts me in the mood and makes me feel like I should paint,” says Somnath, very simply. “With the rain, there is a lot to show – everything is different at different times. After it has rained, before, at night during the monsoon, in the morning… every ‘time’ is different, and looks and feels special. Regardless of the subject, I convert it to include the monsoon. My colour scheme may change, the actual subject may change, but the monsoon is constant.” 

A beautiful show. An absolute must-see!

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