Saturday, November 1, 2014

On View at Pradarshak: 'Mahavat' in Oil on Canvas by Ankeet Gujar

 Pradarshak presents “Mahavat” Solo Exhibition by Ankeet Gujar
Oil on Canvas_12" x 18"

3rd Nov. – 15th Nov.’14: Pradarshak presents “Mahavat” Solo Exhibition by Ankeet Gujar

Ankeet Gujar is a young artist from Pune, testing waters with his creative pursuits as he dabbles in one series after another. Adept at different mediums, the young boy creates in the realistic genre, prolific in the charcoal as well as oil medium on canvas.

 Pradarshak presents “Mahavat” Solo Exhibition by Ankeet Gujar
Oil on Canvas_8" x 8"

In the current exhibition, Ankeet focuses on the elephant – the epitome of royalty, spirituality and power. He gets philosophical as he dresses his elephant as a Mahavat does – with jewellery and colours and ponders on the symbolism in the mahavat-elephant relationship.

 Pradarshak presents “Mahavat” Solo Exhibition by Ankeet Gujar
Oil on Canvas_24" x 12"

Trying to find the mahavat in each one of us, the artist nuances at the world of metaphors that lies deep within the character of the elephant - fidelity and longevity, solitude, strong sense of loyalty to the family, stability, connection to ancient wisdom, confidence, patience...   

“My paintings are a representation of being royal and spiritual; at the same time, conceptual. Each painting has an individual and unique symbol behind it. The real endeavour in creating this series was to characterize my visual; it is simply the acceptance of the experience. I relate to each visual as a process; building my thoughts within levels of realization, maturing as I move on,” concludes Ankeet.

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