On View at Pradarshak "First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Lord Ganesh by Ramesh Deshmane_Ink on Paper_16" x 15"

9th - 30th June'14: Pradarshak presents "First Shower" its 20th Anniversary Show featuring 15 artists, 3 sculptors, 1 print-maker and 1 photographer.

Year-after-year of creative expression in fine art with upcoming and established artists alike, Gallery Pradarshak presents the “First Shower by Friends of Pradarshak” to commemorate its journey of 20 years.  

The Special Exhibition features 20 selected artists – with a focus on their distinct signature styles. Print making, photography and sculptures will be showcased alongside paintings.

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Village by Suresh Gulage_Acrylic on Canvas_12" x 12"

The event is being celebrated for the entire month from 9th to 30th June with the exhibition opening with a special preview and high tea on 9th June at Gallery Pradarshak, Khar, Mumbai.

Being featured are the following 20 meisters in their genres of art:
Ramesh Deshmane - The artist of the masses. His themes are mostly based on relationships, which is communicated at times through a series of linear drawings and at others, through a vivid & textured scenario.

Ranjit Kurmi - Known for his abstract paintings, Ranjit’s work explores a concept or even translates a narrative (an inner dialogue with self through painting) backed by layers, textures etc., bringing his canvases to pulsating life.

Milburn Cherian - Greatly influenced by Salvador Dali and more so Breugel, Milburn, who started out as a shy and apprehensive exhibitor in 1995, today touches new heights in the art auction arena. Her painting stimulates the viewer to exercise his own emotional and visual structuring capabilities.

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Creative Thoughts by Suruchi Andhare Jamkar_Acrylic on Canvas_12" x 12"

Eknath Giram - A young artist, who has slowly carved a niche for his figurative style in mainstream art. His distinctive style is expressionist semi-abstract figurative, oft likened to Italian painter Modigliani.

Shantkumar Hattarki - Born in the village of Tambakwadi in Gulbarga, Karnataka, his art is strongly influenced by the rural setting that he grew up in. His acrylics on canvas are figurative paintings that usually depict vivacious scenes of merriment.

Sanjay Raut - Diligent, adaptive and forever trying to reinvent his repertoire, Sanjay paints these priceless expressions of innocent appeal and childlike character in his realistic thematic paintings.

Mahadeo B. Ingle - Prof. Ingle as he is known has been the ex-Director of Art, State of Maharashtra (2001-2004), ex-Dean (and ex-Prof. of Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai (1990-1999). Here is an artist of exceptional calibre; his forte lies in the deft use of the palette knife and roller. His works continue to depict the artist’s keen study of creative portraiture in true abstractionism.

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Untitled by Sushma Adate_White Marble & brass_13” x 4.5” x 5”

Siddharth Shingade - The artist’s paintings need no interpretation. One relates to them spontaneously. Interdependency is an important feature of his paintings.

Shrikant Kadam - A well-recognized name in the circle of abstractionists in India, his work speaks volumes via its layers and chiaroscuro elements, his all-appealing colour palette, and a depth that belies comprehension.

Jagannath Paul- The artist strikes a deep emotional chord in the hearts of his viewers. A natural penchant for charcoal and a mastery of the human anatomy makes this young lad create arresting paintings that are aesthetically resplendent, bear universal appeal and are remarkably distinctive.

Sushma Walawalkar Adate - She is an adept sculptor, who has been working with metal and stone for the last 7 years since she graduated with a formal art degree in sculpture.  

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
The Rising by Ranjit Kurmi_Relief on Canvas_12" x 12"

Devji Shrimali - broadly explores the mind space in relation to architecture. His canvases depict recurring motifs of the face, flat, bald and expressionless; architectural elements like stairs, doors etc., and cows.  His work is comprehended more on the intellectual level. 

Prasad Talekar - “The pause between two breaths creates new dimensions and because of this empty space we can see each other, we can breathe; what can be the truth?” believes and questions the artist, who is a young sculptor and works in his most favoured medium “bronze”. 

Rajesh Shah - The artist hails from Pune and has been diligently honing his artistic skills over the last nine years working on figurative semi-abstract paintings using varied media on canvas or paper. The strength of his works comes from presenting everyday topics like parenting, lovers, musical band, etc., in a vivid artistic expression.  

Suresh Gulage - This young artist from Pune has made architectural cityscapes his trademark work of art. “Buildings may be mute spectators, but they hold the life of the city,” says the artist. 

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Untitled by Shrikant Kadam_Acrylic on Canvas_12" x 12"

Sucharita Adhikary - A young impressionable artist from Kolkata, Sucharita shows a remarkable prowess in working with wood. As a beginner, her sculptures are acerbic, even amusing at times. Trying to understand her perspective will be an added plus to the viewers of this exhibition.

Suruchi Jamkar - A young artist, who depicts her journey from the human psyche and her relation with life. She speaks of existence and of the spirit of a young girl’s dialogue with her personal space through the medium of art.

Dipankar Sankrityayan -The Kolkata artist tends to trace the journey of a relationship of convenience between humans and animals, where he talks about the beginning with a near-reverence to animals.

Rambhau Dongare - “Planning is key in print-making,” says the print-maker, where the inherent beauty of a print, emerges as the print-maker takes a call with each step, as to its colour scheme and works in harmony with each impression made of the work of art to bring it to a legitimate and aesthetically resplendent finish. He is particularly adept with creating textures.

"First Shower" by Friends of Pradarshak 20th Anniversary Show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Composition by R.V.Bedarkar_Epson Archival Matte Paper_15" x 15"

R. V. Bedarkar - As a commercial artist and photographer, Bedarkar focuses on the natural compositional aesthetic of everyday happenings and findings that exist around us. His photographs capture anything and everything: walls, staircases, windows, doors, metals, stones, fabrics, domestic devices, ornaments and the like. All the pictures are clicked by a digital SLR camera in natural available light, as and where they existed. No reflectors, flash light or other additional light source is used, and neither is a tripod.

The exhibition reflects its beauty in the eyes of its beholder through exemplary works of art by the artists, as mentioned above.


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