Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"In togetherness, we blossom"

Preview & High Tea of 20th anniversary show at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Savitha Hira addressing the gathering at Pradarshak

Savitha Hira - Proprietor, Gallery Pradarshak addressed the august gathering of patrons, artists and friends. 

Her address:  “Respected elders and dear friends,
Hand-holding is an integral and natural part of life’s journey. We do not - cannot - live in isolation. On the same note, is the theme for today’s celebration.  ‘In togetherness, we blossom.’

It has been a long journey of 20 years but frankly it doesn’t feel so. What started as a passion for art and a simple thought of providing a platform for upcoming artists soon began to grow and burgeon into a full-fledged responsibility. A two-fold responsibility – one towards the artists, who have been coming from all walks of life – from the interiors of Maharashtra, aspiring to get a break into this glamour-filled world of fine art. Artists, who have been hesitant to speak up for themselves, naive, humble and have relied wholly on us to take them forward. And secondly, the responsibility towards the art lovers. Several art lovers have reposed their trust in us to choose the right work of art for their homes, offices. Whenever a purchase is to be made, Pradarshak is the sole stop. We’ve furnished complete homes, offices and the growing trust has enhanced our commitment.  In togetherness, we have blossomed.

Token of Appreciation to the guests

“A child gives birth to a mother” says the sculpture at the juncture of Bandra- Mahim crossing. An infant’s clasp around his mother’s finger is the first sign that he needs her – seeks her reassurance, security, reinforcement. We – the gallery - you all, our artists and – you, our patrons. At several points in time, we’ve mothered our artists; at times our clients have mothered us. The roles have been alternating and mutually fortifying. In togetherness, we have blossomed.

I cannot go away from here without our thank yous’ My husband Lalit & I thank each and everyone, those of you present here and all those hundreds, who are not here today; for making today possible. From the first person, who led us to an artist, the first artist who wanted to be a part of the gallery, the first artist, who wanted to show solo at the gallery, first buyer, first architect, who flagged off the gallery’s signature Art Program Service to those, who continue to whole heartedly reciprocate the love and friendship that is a part of Pradarshak.

from L to R: Shriram Khadilkar, Udit Chaudhuri, Vasant Sonavani, Paresh Daru & Lalit Hira

Thank you to Paresh Daru, Udit Chaudhuri and Shriram Khadilkar for always making time to listen to us, mentor the gallery’s activities. These stalwarts are the backbone of gallery Pradarshak. I take a moment to remember Mrs Padmini Bhatia Ferrauto, who was active for the first decade of the gallery and instrumental in teaching me all that I know about art today. She is no more.

Mrs. Malani sitting for her live portrait

A special thank you today to our Mr. Ajit bhai Shah for the wonderful set up he has given us and Mr. Harishbhai Shah for the wonderful goodies – the catering that will soon come by. Both brothers from Popular Decorators – a big thank you to you.  And last but not at all the least our young-at-heart Mrs  & Mr. Gul Malani, who very kindly consented to come by and light the lamp to flag off this joyous evening.”

The evening was fabulously enjoyed by one and all. 

Some heartfelt felicitations:
  • All the participating artists - from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Kolkata, Gujarat & Ootacamund.
  • The first person who led us to our first artist – Mr. Ashok Hira.   
  • Our first buyer – Mrs. Sophie Ahmed.   
  • Patrons, who have regularly visited Pradarshak and encouraged our efforts - Dr. Kumudini Mangaokar, Mr. Amar Goyal, Mrs. Symala Monie among several others...
  • Ar. Ashok Wadhwani, who kick-started what we have now developed into a full-fledged art service for architects. 
  • A very warm thank you to Mrs. Megha Nisar Mota – who gave us the inspiration for the theme of the evening – although inadvertently as she posted hers and her baby’s picture as her status. That’s what you see on our invite.
  • A very warm thank you to Ms. Gayatri Mehta, who rejoiced in the evening with us by sketching live portraits of our select guests. 
  • Special thank you to our young artist Sachin Kumawat, who also made live sketches of guests during the evening. 
  • And now for the youngest member of our Pradarshak family - Debashish Chall, an Acoustic Guitarist, who strummed his guitar to some delightful Hindi tunes. He is a performing artist and this was his 2nd public performance. The legacy continues – in togetherness, we blossom. 

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