Saturday, May 24, 2014

On View at Pradarshak : 'Visual Sensations" by Lakshman Chavan

Lakshman Chavan at Pradarshak, Mumbai
30" x 30" Oil on Canvas

26th May – 7th June’14: Pradarshak presents “Visual Sensations” - Solo Exhibition by Lakshman Chavan.

Lakshman Chavan is a young artist from Pune, who has traversed the long road from watercolour landscapes to the trendy Buddha to the art he now emerges with at Gallery Pradarshak.

Lakshman Chavan at Pradarshak, Mumbai
52" x 52" Oil on Canvas

Using three predominant hues – red, blue and yellow on dull grey and off-white backdrops, nuanced with tones of burnt sienna, black and auburn, Lakshman gives expression to “Visual Sensations”. Expressions of childhood memories, his leanings and learnings from a closed rural setup to metropolitan musings - the artist captures them all through a symbolic muse: that of a little girl child peering into a bioscope.

Lakshman Chavan at Pradarshak, Mumbai
48" x 48" Oil on Canvas

Wielding the brush, he suffuses his canvases with picturesque cinematography of societal goings-on, influencers and cultural innuendoes, drawing the viewer’s attention to a variety of issues, eliciting an array of emotions, provoking thought, seeking answers.

The strength of his canvases lies in the juxtaposition of negative and positive space and the depiction, which goes much beyond the obvious and connects to the human psyche in general.

An exhibition not to be missed!

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