Saturday, February 15, 2014

On View at Pradarshak: "7 Horses" by Nayanjeet Nikam

7 horses by Nayanjeet Nikam at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Running Horse_Acrylic on Canvas_24"x 48"

17th Feb, - 1st Mar,’14: Pradarshak presents “7 Horses” Solo Exhibition by Nayanjeet Nikam

Nayanjeet Nikam is a young artist, whose expressionist works of art have their fingers directly on the pulse of the populace.

7 horses by Nayanjeet Nikam at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Khiladi-786_Acrylic on Canvas_30" x 36"

In this exhibition titled “7 Horses”, the artist touches on seven inherent qualities of the animal that he sees reflected in man.  “Since times gone by, the horse has been an admired topic of focus in ancestral Asian Art. Time and again, the horse is held as a figure of vigour, supremacy and momentum. The horse was and is graciously deemed and believed to stand for the advancement and accomplishments of the populace,” says the artist, whose horses are not mere depiction of realism, but distinct representations of a novel class of imaginative modernism.

7 horses by Nayanjeet Nikam at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Guru Gajanan_Watercolour on Paper_8" x 8"

Using even, soft and flat accents of colour on an uneven surface plate, his canvases are intensely brilliant, with application of solid colours that align with the monochromatic characteristics of human figures, flora and fauna. Nayanjeet portrays the spirit of the populace, settings and expresses a story with an anthology of distinct illustrations rather than merely reconstructing on canvas, figures captured by the lens.

7 horses by Nayanjeet Nikam at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Gajanan ka Ghoda 3_Watercolour on Paper_18" x 18"

Horses have had a strong bearing on him from the very beginning and have trained his artistic thoughts. Nayanjeet elaborates on his muse, “Horses commit to memory, people and the events of the past by heart, and have no anxiety of the future; they simply survive in constant awareness and have amazing instinct. I had to toil hard and face challenges to be in the present moment—horses gave birth to my approach of unbreakable faith in my style of painting and have influenced my technique considerably.”

7 horses by Nayanjeet Nikam at Pradarshak, Mumbai
Nirvana 1_Watercolour on Paper_8" x 8"

Symbolism traverses from his subject to his colour palette, with yellow being a significant hue in his works of art. Representing the hue of the sun in Indian culture, it also refers to moods and the harnessing of energy through the environment.

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