Monday, September 16, 2013

On View at Pradarshak - Watercolour abstracts by Shefali Shah

Bird's Nest_ Watercolour on Paper_20" x 20"

16th - 22nd Sept.’13:  Pradarshak presents “Melange” Watercolour on Paper by Shefali Shah.

Colour and form, both significant tangible elements in fine art, also form the basic premise of take-off in case of an abstract artist. Shefali, young and upcoming, just a single solo exhibition old, strives to express herself in a similar vein, playfully flirting with colour and form; conveying her musings to her captive audience.

Urban City_Watercolour on Paper_14" x 20.5"

“The freedom of expression, medium and form is the essence of contemporary art”, says Shefali and being a contemporary artist, not lending herself to traditional forms of Indian art, she prefers the former medium of conveying herself. 

Having worked with renowned artist Mr. Anand Mohan Naik, for 3 years has given her the confidence to explore new boundaries of self-expression through painting, showcasing inner change and moments at the subconscious level. “In each of my work, I like to capture moments, where we can have so many mixed emotions with colours and forms”.

Watercolour on Paper_ 8" x 6.75"

The artist’s background in photography strengthens her repertoire as do her numerous participations in various group exhibitions. It is a refinement of thought that now waits to be explored; an exercise that will gradually mature both - the artist’s thought and technique.

The exhibition shall be on view till 22nd Sept.’13.

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