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On view at Pradarshak - Group Exhibition of Figurative Paintings by 'Friends of Pradarshak'

Painting by Jinal Gada at Pradarshak
Facets of Life - Painting by Jinal Gada

8th – 20th April 2013: Pradarshak presents Group Exhibition of “Friends of Pradarshak” Phase I – Figurative Paintings

Gallery Pradarshak hosts a special program titled “Friends of Pradarshak” that has been conceptualized to benefit the artists, connoisseurs, buyers of fine art - home-makers, corporates, architects or interior designers, gallerists and the like to enjoy some special privileges at Gallery Pradarshak.   

Forging a physical connect with its growing list of members, Pradarshak is hosting a month long exhibition of the “Friends of Pradarshak” from Mumbai only, in 2 phases: 
Phase I -Figurative Paintings - Apr.8 - 20, 2013
Phase II - Abstract Paintings - Apr.22 - May 4, 2013

Portrait by Deepti Nair at Pradarshak
Untitled Portrait by Deepti Nair

8th Apr. - 20th Apr.’13: Phase I – Figurative Paintings features the following artists:

Arpita Chakraborty: A self-taught artist, Arpita works predominantly in acrylic on canvas in the semi-abstract genre. Restraint is a strong feature of her paintings as is depicted in her colour palette as well as the simplistic treatment of her subjects. Enamoured by woman characters, her current series showcases “Draupadi & the Pandavas”

Avinash Deshmukh: Armed with a Govt. Diploma in Fine Art from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, this young man has grown his subject, technique and palette with great dedication and care over the last decade. He emerges into the professional scenario like a gust of fresh air with a style that is endearingly familiar yet distinct. A vibrant colour palette and a simple subjects of King-Queen and Ganeshas are his current muses.

Painting by Dhwani Parekh at Pradarshak
Nathani by Dhwani Parekh

Deepti Nair: Also a self-taught artist, Deepti sees the human visage in its myriad variations, where angles, shadows, expressions and posture do the speaking.  Inspired and spurred on from vivid childhood memoirs, where vivid greens, umbers and ochres, are an abiding memory and a recurring theme in her work, she works slowly, developing each piece through various stages of evolution. Her paintings are generally in oil colour, but she enjoys occasional forays into charcoal and dry pastel. 

Dhwani Parekh: An upcoming artist, Dhwani graduated with a Govt. Diploma in Fine Art from the L. S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai in 2011. Dhwani’s paintings are generally based on Contemporary Realism, wherein, the subject is shown realistically, with an inclusion of aesthetic qualities that appeal to the viewer. She has gradually honed her skills, developing an appropriate colour and style palette that enhances the subject at hand.

Jinal Gada: An upcoming artist, Jinal has a Govt. Diploma in Fine Art from the L. S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai and a Bachelor of Visual Arts from SNDT, Mumbai. Tottering between the realistic and the semi-abstract figurative style, Jinal depicts various influences amalgamated into a distinct stamp of her identity. Deep thought characterises her social thematic as her confident strokes veer from ‘understated’ to ‘audacious’.

Ganesha by Avinash Deshmukh

Prakash Deshmukh: Another alumnus of the L. S. Raheja School of Fine Art, Mumbai with additional qualifications from Pune and Latur Universities, Prakash has mastered the art of appealing to the masses with his realistic portrayals of enigmatic expressions and everyday musings. Employing a layering technique that repeatedly covers opaque over transparent washes, his paintings are inspired from the Indian Miniature style and radiate a vibrant, spirited palette.

Uttara Joshi: A self-taught artist, Uttara She draws inspiration from a variety of things, both visual and experiential. She works in oils, watercolours and charcoals, but admits that charcoals are her personal favourite. She finds the simultaneous charm and challenge of a monochromatic palette hard to resist in a world full of colours. Her series on Devi brings out the beauty of the symbolic cosmic dimension that is diabolically beyond one’s reach, yet immensely reflective and meditative and calming in its influence. Here, the artist cleverly draws a parallel between her choices of subject, colour palette and medium. 

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