Saturday, December 8, 2012

On View at Pradarshak - “Painting with Poetry” - semi-abstract figurative paintings by Rashmi Pitre

10th Dec. – 22nd Dec.’12: Pradarshak presents - “Painting with Poetry” a solo exhibition of semi-abstract figurative paintings by Actor, Artist & Poetess Rashmi Pitre

On one of his visits to Pradarshak, Gulzarsaab had stood riveted in front of a painting for about 8 minutes, undisturbed, when he suddenly broke out into poetry, “yehi woh kambha tha, jahah mein khada tha...” He then explained how the painting reminded him of a poem he had penned a long time ago.

The relationship of one artistic oeuvre interlaced with another is often the prerogative of a blessed few.  Rashmi Pitre, actor, artist and poetess is one such creative, who simultaneously revels in all three pursuits. Accomplished actor with several TV soap operas and a few films to her credit, Rashmi has written over 150 poems and held over 30 art exhibitions in India and abroad.


An alumnus of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai with a B.A. with Hons. in Ancient Indian Culture (Philosophy) and a Diploma in Original Philosophy of Buddhism from K.J. Somaiya Institute of Religious Studies, Mumbai, Rashmi is a spontaneous poetess and very rarely makes any alterations to the original verse that graces her canvases on completion. 


“Painting with poetry is a blessed experience in itself,” says Rashmi. “The soulful touch of the journey from the heart of the painting to the heart of the poetry, going hand-in-hand underlines the experience of a lifetime... I write my own poetry on canvas. I love my freedom and independence to work with brush. I love colours, their vibrancy and brightness... they give me energy.”


The exhibition needs to be closely experienced. On until 22nd Dec.’12; 11 am - 7pm; except on Sundays. Open to all.

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