On View at Pradarshak - Debut solo of semi-abstract figurative paintings by Hema Mhatre

26th Nov. – 8th Dec.’12: Pradarshak presents - debut solo exhibition of semi-abstract figurative paintings by Hema Mhatre.

Regarded as the earliest form of expressionistic art that captures the unseen, works of art rendered in ink on paper are known to surpass the superficial and capture the soul. Given to expressing herself via linear drawings, upcoming artist Hema Mhatre uses simple everyday scenarios to give vent to her emotions, building on her distinctive artistic oeuvre, series after series.


The current exhibition – her first solo - presents a series of bird’s eye views that attempt a detached look at societal behaviour – involved yet distant. Studying the facial and bodily signals, the artist’s personal musing that a ‘state of mind’ is not actually as it appears to be, is kind of introverted and introspective at the same time; as if the self-directed query is through her medium of linear drawing, addressing a wider cross-section, shifting attention and straying to safer pastures.


The subject matter of art is subjective and interpretations tend to vary. We invite you to see for yourself and interpret these fine lines of fine paintings at Pradarshak.
The show is definitely not to be missed!



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