Saturday, November 3, 2012

Live Painting Workshop

Photography: Nigel Fernandes

Gallery Pradarshak in association with Good Homes magazine played host to a live painting workshop in the shady restful outdoors of the gallery on Nov2, 2012, at its premier address in Khar west, Mumbai.

Conducted as part of the Good Homes week-long Public Art Initiative, the live painting session was targeted at bringing the common man in touch with his artistic inner self. Twelve common folk were invited via a registration process and were provided with canvases and art material; courtesy Good Homes magazine.

Artists begin to work

Established artist Ramesh Deshmane, who is also currently exhibiting at gallery Pradarshak, was in charge of monitoring the participating art enthusiasts by guiding each one on the kind of paint, brushes, kinds of strokes, finishes, etc, are appropriate for the individual’s work of art. He also helped them with the finishing touches and guided them with enhancing treatments appropriate to their works of art.

Drawing a profound analogy from this simple activity, we see how diverse approaches can be, to life; how various viewpoints could emerge to culminate into something beautiful and meaningful.

Paintings in progress

Blank canvases – each of size 2 ft. x 3 ft. were mounted on easels – some vertically oriented, others horizontally; the same amount of materials and tools were given to each participant and they were urged to let go uninhibitedly, the artist within them. There was no time limit. It was an exercise in pure joy and sharing, aimed at having a good time, collating some good memories to cherish in one beautiful afternoon in this journey called life.

A variety of works emerged: landscapes, one realistic and the other abstract; figurative works with Ganesha, mother and child, celestial and emotional themes; something classically alien, pure non-representational art, symbolism and even religiously precision-driven tantric art.

The highlight of the afternoon was an impromptu participation by a young architectural student who joined in the celebratory mood and created two works of art on paper.

Candid Moments

With the participants fully involved, bubbling with enthusiasm and the drive to create something individualistic, the afternoon was a tremendous mingling of creative thought and camaraderie amidst some hot samosas, peppy juice and of course, Mumbai’s quintessential cutting chai.

Finished Works of Art

The works were on exhibit for public viewing at Ebony Gautier, Infinity Mall, Malad on the 4th of Nov.’12.


  1. I looked at the blog regarding this workshop. It has inspired me to do something similar in the town where I live. It's a blast! Well done. May I ask: I often find that students of mine, that is completely new to art, somewhere along the journey drops out to go see the doctor or find some alternative healing of some sort. I think once so-called ordinary people get in touch with the inner self, where all art originates from, they kind of get scared? Art changes one.

  2. It appears to have been a very successful day, with everyone freely expressing a unique viewpoint.

  3. Congratulations to all involved in this workshop. Wonderful idea and so many fantastic paintings were created, they should be all very pleased with their achievement.