Friday, November 2, 2012

Artist Ramesh Deshmane at work

The making of a work of art can be as intriguing as the work itself. Watch the artist Ramesh Deshmane talk about various "Expressions"…

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  1. After a long gap of twenty years I am fortunate to see the works of Ramesh Deshmane courtesy Pradarshak. I remember his mastery on lines which he used to experiment with in his drawings and sketches some two decades back. I am happy to see the same creative mind in work in his recent series of works titled 'expressions'. Here Deshmane has depicted different moods as reflected in the facial expressions in his protagonists as also various body languages in the multifarious characters he has drawn.The etherial representation of love and purity has been expressed through use of blue in variety of its tones extraordinarily in some of the works which are strikingly vibrant. Are a couple of canvases reflecting the eternal love of Radha and Krishna such as the frames RD-08 and RD-09?

    Expressions such as Joy, Fear, Sorrow, Gloom have been brought on some canvases so devotedly and faithfully that the lecture demonstration given by Deshmane himself in the YouTube clip seems to cement together with his love, sincerity and devotion for Art and his constant inquisitiveness for creativity.

    It will be unfair if I do not make a special mention of the frames RD-02 and RD-04 in which the faces (drawn in black)have mingled with the nature in their best sublime incarnations.And happily here the artist's lines have taken the centrestage with their glory which Deshmane is deft in handling with.

    At least this modest fan of the artist is extremely happy to rediscover him after nearly two decades in his height of maturity in expressions and executions of his deep rooted beliefs and thoughts.