On view at Pradarshak - Semi-Abstract Figurative Paintings by Student Artists

30th July - 11th Aug 2012: Pradarshak presents Vidyarthi Vishesh Phase III – Semi-Abstract Figurative Paintings by Student Artists.
As part of the ongoing student art exhibition, Pradarshak showcases semi-abstract figurative paintings for the coming fortnight.

This genre depicts a playful, almost challenging imagery as the students vie for attention, trying to present their external and internal points of reference and demonstrate various aesthetic possibilities in a highly stylised manner, keeping the basic form recognizable, but confounding the viewer, nonetheless, into looking deeper into the painting, garnering its essence.


The beauty of the semi-abstract genre lies in just this - drawing parallels amidst the narrative and identifiable visual environment, seeing the familiar anew. There is simple delight in pattern itself, pattern divorced from subject matter. A particular configuration appeals to one, a second one intrigues another.

An artist working in the semi-abstract figurative genre once commented, “There can be surprising beauty in a ripple, reflection or glint of glass, and I believe that we perceive this beauty most clearly before we realize it is just a ripple, reflection or glint. Before identification takes place we see pure form rather than a familiar shape or shapes. The essence for me is that before you identify the subject in one of these semi-abstract images you see it with new eyes.”


Also included are a few realistic figurative works as a striking contrast to the abstract figurative style.

Featured are works by artists Lianne Dias, Ashif Shaikh, Atul Vitthal Bangal, Prashant Date, Nilesh Sutar, Namita Kanade, Nandini Pantawane, Manisha Shinde, Vineeta Kumari and Sumona among several others.



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