Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vidyarthi Vishesh 2012

Online Preview - 29th June, 30th June & 1st July’12

Hi Friends,

Pradarshak is proud to present Vidyarthi Vishesh 2012 – its annual exhibition of paintings by student artists.

The exhibition features close to 170 works of art by 60 students from 12 colleges of art in Mumbai, Kolhapur, Latur, Pune, Nasik and Varanasi. The works of art range from creative and thought-provoking Realistic and Semi-Abstract Paintings to Graphic Prints, Drawings, Still Life, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Landscapes, Compositions, as well as works on Metal and Table-Top Sculptures.

Painting prices begin at INR 1000/-

Click here to view the entire collection:

Please do not forget to click the ‘like’ button as your vote may give any one student his coveted prize - 'Certificate of Public Choice' by the gallery.


  1. very nice.

    wish you all the best to all of you friends

  2. Thanks for mailing me the impressions of the beautiful canvases done by the 'vidyarthis' from different pats of our country. I am overwhelmed to see the visuals crafted with extraordinary skills by the young people reflecting uncluttered musings lying somewhere deep inside their creative minds.All the works with their individualistic styles and nuances leave a lasting impression in mind, and to tell the truth, the efforts put by Pradarshak are so inspiring that one is assured that here there is a platform to showcase the dreams, creationsa and aspirations of young minds who otherwise would have found it difficult to take their end-products to not only the art lovers and connosurs but to the common people of the country! I cannot resist myself to say that some couple of decades back I was also given opportunities to exihibit my works by Pradarshak. Kudos to the 'vidyarthis' and the Gallery!