Saturday, May 5, 2012

On view at Pradarshak - ‘Journey to the Unknown’, semi-abstract paintings by Sangeeta Babani

7th May – 19th May.’12: Pradarshak presents ‘Journey to the Unknown’, a series of semi-abstract paintings by Sangeeta Babani.

Imagine that you are about to embark on a new journey; you have only an abstract thought in mind but have absolutely no clue where you're going,” muses Sangeeta Babani, a self taught artist from Mumbai.  A feeling that envelopes Sangeeta in many ways when she stands in front of the canvas contemplating a new painting. “Maybe I can choose the direction of my trip but the destination is always a mystery – an exciting journey to "The Unknown".


The young lady was raised in Spain, a country with rich cultural heritage. Imbibing Spanish art and culture during her growing years led her to the ultimate initiation into Indian art and culture when she settled in Mumbai after marriage.


Sangeeta veers from figurative realistic to semi-abstract depiction, landscape to abstraction as the mood takes her. There are no straight answers and that is the beauty of life, is her firm belief and this philosophy is celebrated in her canvases with an exuberance of colour and emotion.


Characterised by an ambiguity, simultaneously introspective and impressionist in nature, her paintings come alive with vibrant hues and multiple thoughts. Interpretation becomes subjective and distinct from one viewer to another. The artist celebrates her journey to the unknown, leaving the onlooker to pursue his.

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