Saturday, April 21, 2012

On view at Pradarshak -“Nrutya Chandrika”, semi-abstract figurative paintings by Vishal Phasale

23rd Apr – 5th May.’12: Pradarshak presents Nrutya Chandrika”, a series of semi-abstract figurative paintings depicting Indian Classical & Folk Dance forms by Vishal Phasale.

Figurative compositions that represent Indian classical dance forms like Kathakali and Bharatnatyam, and nuances from a variety of folk dance forms come alive in Vishal’s canvases through a concentration of lines, colours and textures.

The artist focuses on the mudrika’s (hand gestures) and the dancer’s silhouette to convey his interpretation of the relationship between the dancer and her inner world. His dancers tend to sport an unruffled, often neutral facial demeanour, letting on little or no expression of what lies beneath the talented front. Through an enigmatic application of brush and palette knife, Vishal tries to depict this inner struggle in tandem with the outside world, and in this, he succeeds enormously.


With works in mix medium & oil on canvas, textural overtures allude to the muse’s thought processes as much as they represent a visual element in the frame.


While Vishal Phasale has been working on this theme of classical dance forms over the last four years, he is equally adept at exploring other thematics in the same genre of semi-abstract figurative painting.  The artist often paints short series on topical societal and cultural happenings like the Fashion Week, Circus, Fisherfolk etc.


This is Vishal’s debut solo exhibition  Vishal has accomplished his Art Teacher Diploma  from Paithan and a Govt. Diploma in Fine Art from Pune. He lives and works in Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra.

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  1. Symbols, Art from Symbols. Valid and very popular all over the world. Good job. Now from looking at your stuff I wonder if you can create the same effect without the Symbols. What do you think ?
    Posted by Dan Deming via LinkedIn Group: Art n Soul Inc.- Creating Opportunities for Artists