Saturday, February 25, 2012

On view at Pradarshak -"Sur" musical notes by Rajesh Shah

27th Feb.’12 – 10th Mar.’12: Pradarshak presents “Sur”, semi-abstract figurative paintings in acrylic on canvas by Rajesh Shah.

A young upcoming artist, Rajesh Shah hails from Pune and has been diligently honing his artistic skills over the last nine years. Although he has participated in several group exhibitions and has been applauded for his work with innumerable awards from various institutions and associations, he continues to remain humbly open to improving his repertoire.

Adept at the acrylic on canvas medium, he generally works on various themes viz., 'mother and child', ‘workers', ‘lovers’, etc., to express his impressionist forays. A vivid and cheerful palette categorises his paintings, each portraying an arresting visual from the humdrum of everyday life, yet striking in its form, composition and colour. 

His current thematic is a series on ‘Music’. Titled “Sur”, meaning melody, the artist once again explores a simple almost rustic trend by portraying the flute and dafli, common musical instruments found in the village and among wandering rural folk, trying to eek out a living in urban towns. The paintings also convey a subtle maturity in the artist’s treatment of his canvases and his thematic. His use of bold colour and his distinctive style of capturing the mood are indeed commendable.

Rajesh debuted into the professional art scenario with his first solo exhibition at Pradarshak, Mumbai during early 2007.


  1. Fantastic. I was wondering if they can be bought and sent OS. What price are they?
    Posted by Peter Giles on linkedin Group:Paintings.

  2. it's a precious piece