Sunday, October 2, 2011

On view at Pradarshak: 'Footprints' by Yuvraj Patil

3rd – 15th Oct.’11: Gallery Pradarshak presents ‘Poulkhuna’ meaning footprints in Marathi, a solo exhibition of semi-abstract paintings in acrylic on canvas and mix medium on paper by artist Yuvraj Patil.

Semi-abstraction as a genre of art not only provides a wide scope for experimentation to an artist but can be easily applied to convey one’s deepest thoughts and reactions in a manner that can be easily communicated and related to by all. Yuvraj Patil treads the path of his memories –where their child-like quality is brought forth in a candid, transparent manner. 

The artist chews on the carefree and innocent days of his childhood, where the dark shadows of societal conformation and assumed characteristics do not veil the true responses of the soul. He does this through a soft sensitive palette where silhouettes of everyday occurrences mingle with geometric forms and textural renderings to evolve into vivid imagery.

To view the exhibition online, click on the adjacent slideshow.

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