Sunday, September 18, 2011

On view at Pradarshak : "Timeless Moments" by Kana Lomror

19th Sept. – 1st Oct.’2011: Gallery Pradarshak presents Kana Lomror’s "Timeless Moments" a solo exhibition of vitreous enamels with mix media on canvas.

Armed with a Masters in Fine Art from Shantiniketan, Kana is an upcoming artist who has dedicated his repertoire to the exploration and joy of copper enamelling. Better known for its usage in traditional jewellery and other decorative objects, copper enamelling has been frugally experimented with in the field of fine art. The artist has been exploring the various possibilities of the medium over the last eight years and has developed several series – architectural, meditative, and figurative, etc., where he plays with the innate qualities of the medium to evolve an accomplished work of art. Working with the challenges of the copper enamelling – he articulates both, bold forms and details with consistent ease.

In the current exhibition, Kana exploits the medium even further by combining it with canvas to create more holistic imagery. “Being a painter, vitreous enamel is to me a medium that opens up new doors of experimentation in painting on metal surface that I would not otherwise explore. In most of my works, instead of drawing with pen, pencil or colours, I draw with copper wire to refine the images. It is very challenging and simultaneously very exciting and satisfying to be able to express my imagination and ideas in this medium. It is a new direction in presenting vitreous enamel with canvas,” he informs.

The theme of the show is based on 'The Buddha'. The pigments that he uses depict more depth and almost pierce through into the inner surface. In some works, one also notices subtle symbolism at play. “I would like the viewer to not only see my work but to see beneath and beyond the surface, to feel the intuitive magical process by which the final form assumes meaning,” he concludes.

A beautiful exhibition that showcases the sensitivity of the medium as well as the art form. 

To view the exhibition online, click on the adjacent slideshow.

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