Saturday, September 3, 2011

On view at Pradarshak : "Equanimity" by Gauri Seth

5th Sept. – 17th Sept.’2011: Gallery Pradarshak presents Gauri Seth’s mix medium paintings in a show titled “Equanimity”

“My protagonist is normally a woman...serene, at times in a state of bliss and meditative,” says Gauri Seth, the young lawyer turned artist.

Equanimity literally means a state of mental and emotional composure arising from a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment; and Gauri’s muse – the strong and serene woman, depicts a sense of conviction, is a deep thinker and dreamer… one who has accomplished a sense of equanimity in life despite hurdles, stress…has crossed varied paths or is absolutely ready to do so.

The artist is a vivacious young lady who rejoices in all that life has to offer. The philosophy is well embodied in her works, which range from paper to canvas and wood. Gauri works in layers and often concentrates on a textural backdrop, which she develops over time. Deft brushwork and nimble use of her fingers and hands shape the characteristic strength depicted in the fascia of her muse.

The current series is executed in mixed medium – acrylic, pen and dry pastel – on paper and wood and symbolically conveysthe simple but profound message: Enjoy the simple pleasures in life…stop the mad clock-driven rush and take time to smell the roses!

To view the exhibition online, click on the adjacent slideshow. 


  1. I would love to see what the other Artist in your town are doing. Can you get then on line together ? Let me know.
    Posted by Dan Deming via LinkedIn Group 'Fine Artists'

  2. All art makes me feel life more intensely if even for a moment, and this collection of mixed medium pieces from Gauri Seth is no exception.

    The themed title comes across well in all the pieces. They do have equanimity. There is a sense of women caught in freeze frame in a time lapse film, deeply affected by their narrative and changed by both the poetry of everyday existence as well as the daily tragedy of their lives. The artefacts that surround them are evocative of the ephemeral nature of all things. A clock, flowers.... and this too will pass.

    What is more reflective of equanimity than a vase of blooms that features in juxtaposition to the women in so many of these paintings? The parallels between the protagonist and the fore-grounded props are stark. Flowers: strong yet fragile, here but transient. Fragrant flowers can be there in the middle of winter - gleaned from what seemed an immortal summer that has since succumbed, and reminders that perhaps in the end winters too succumb.

    I like how the drawing (don't know if Matisse is one of the artist's influences but some of these made me think of some of his work) always prioritises expressive form over anatomic detail. My favourite in the collection is No. 10 - the effusiveness of the colour offset by the quiet demeanour of the woman. Haven't we seen her before? Don't we see her everyday? On the bus, or on the streets of Palestine, or waiting in line at the grocery store? Something about her resonates with how we all feel in these uncertain times: battle scarred and yet unbowed, stoic and yet imbued with an undefined yearning, world-weary and yet permeated with hope.

    When I see this collection I understand better what Arundhati Roy meant when she said that an alternative world IS possible. If you listen carefully on a quiet day you can hear this world in all our parallel universes, and she is breathing.....calmly, steadily and resolutely, and with a great deal of equanimity. Much like Gauri Seth's women.

    Dr. Nav Khera

  3. paintings are very good. keep it up.

    posted by v.v.swamy,artist,hyderabad.

  4. Great work by Gauri! Congratulations and keep it up.